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We are a small family hobby farm who started keeping chickens several years ago. We started off with 10 hybrid hens and selling fresh laid eggs at the door. This then led onto breeding pygmy goats, owning 9 miniature donkeys and 2 shetland ponies! Little did we know it would gradually become the main focus of our lives.

We like to hold open days for people to come and visit our animals throughout the year when the weather is agreeable.



Hybrid Hens for sale from March 2018

Priced at £16.00 each

Please contact us to confirm availability prior to visiting. 


The following point of lay hybrids are currently available for sale. We have 8 varieties Goldline, Black tail, Amber, Maran Cuivree, Speckled Maran, Dark Sussex, Light Sussex and Blue Haze. All our hybrids are free ranging and sourced from reputable breeders and are fully vaccinated, ensuring a quality hybrid. Other hybrids are often available at different times so please be sure to contact us for up to date information on 07961700449 or 01737353394. Visit us by appointment only, available 7 days a week.

If you are new to keeping chickens, please read our quick guide to chicken keeping to help you decide if chickens are right for you. Unfortunately we no longer breed pure-breed chickens/ducks or supply hatching eggs. We also do not re-home cockerels.



Amber Hybrid

These birds are white with brown flecking. There is a wide variation in the shades of brown, from chocolate to amber. They are a docile and friendly bird, excellent egg layers laying 290 - 320 light brown eggs annually.



Dark Sussex

A very attractive hen which lays a good size light brown egg. Very docile and friendly, lays 250 - 280 eggs annually.



Light Sussex

Similar to the dark Sussex this white hen is a very attractive bird which has dark feathers at the back of its neck and also very docile and friendly. Produces 280 - 300 light brown eggs annually.



Blue Haze

These blue feathered hens are very attractive, full bodied birds. Docile and friendly laying 280 - 300 light brown eggs annually.




We sell our free range eggs on our door step to the local community.